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Vial crimpers for 13mm, 20mm and 30mm vial seal crimpers. 13mm and 20mm Vial Decrimpers also available.

VIAL CRIMPER DISCOUNTS: Get a 10% discount when you buy all 4 components: serum vials, seals, stoppers and vial crimpers.

Kebby Vial Crimper


Made in the USA !


Crimper Item No.

Price USD

All aluminum vial seals


13mm all aluminum seals: Crimper 13001

20mm all aluminum seals: Crimper 20001

30mm all aluminum seals: Crimper 30001

32mm all aluminum seals: Crimper 32001

$150.00 USD

$150.00 USD

$225.00 USD

$225.00 USD


Flip Cap Vial Seals


13mm flip cap seals: Crimper 13002

20mm flip cap seals: Crimper 20002

$170.00 USD

$170.00 USD



13mm Vial De-Crimper 13000-DC
20mm Vial De-Crimper 20000-DC

$170.00 USD

$170.00 USD


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10mL serum vials tubing clear glass

30mL clear glass serum vial molded

30mL 50mL amber serum vial bottle

10mL amber serum vial

Clear serum vials - tubing

molded serum vial bottles

amber molded serum bottles

Amber serum vials - tubing

serum vial stoppers

serum vial seals flip off tear off

Serum vials flip off seal

Serum vials stopper

Serum vials seal

Serum vial flip off tear off


serum vial crimper
Serum vials crimper


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